Golden Sea

The clip above featuring Makoto Fujimura highlights one of his most recent paintings, Golden Sea, and the process that went into its creation. Makoto is a very gifted artist trained in the Japanese art of Nihonga which is what was used in this painting. The same technique Makoto used in Golden Sea was also used […] Read More

The C1-C6 Spectrum; what is it exactly?

I have been very interested to learn about the C-Scale and its application in ministry. Recently I found resources that provide really good practical explanations and implications of the C-Scale in ministry along with some of the points of contention surrounding it. The most well known summary of the C-Scale was published in 1988 by […] Read More

Discussion panel on the topic of cross cultural missions

Everything discussed addressed issues of missions in international setting but all of it has also has really big implications for all local churches, ministries, and everyone who follows Christ.

Bath time with Selah and time lapsed video

I tested out iOS 8's time lapse during baby bath time today and it works well. I tried not to expose Selah too much. In the future I think I'll try making time lapsed videos using hyperlapse because it gives more controls over the output speed of the video […] Read More

Food offerings to God

I was doing my daily bible time not to long ago and came across a verse that never intrigued me before as it did this time. And you shall set the bread of the Presence on the table before me regularly.-Exodus‬ ‭25‬:‭30‬ God had just delivered the people of Israel from Egypt, the ten plagues […] Read More

Maternity health record book past and present

Once you become pregnant in Japan the government requires Japanese citizens to register it at the local city hall. They give mama to be something like a maternity badge to wear or attach to a purse or something that lets others know to be helpful and show extra courtesy. When my wife got hers she […] Read More

Past and present umbilical cord memories

Almost three weeks after being born the umbilical cord stump fell off while I was changing our baby's diaper. My wife put it in a small box the hospital gave us containing a piece of the umbilical cord from the birth. I couldn't help but find this just a bit humorous. It's just something that […] Read More

First moments with my baby girl and prayers…? or sermon

Our baby girl, Selah Hikari (聖愛 ひかり), was born last Friday August 15th! Here is a video I made of her with me the first few moments just after being born. My voice seemed like it stopped her crying... And I'm not just saying that because I'm a new father who loves his little girl. […] Read More

Contextualization in Japan; Becoming a father;) and just rambling on…

It feels like there is so much God is doing in Japan, so much on the horizon of God's grace that is about to and is already taking place. There are some awesome ministries that labor with great effort and talent that people would know that Jesus Christ is alive, resurrected in his body right […] Read More

Origins of sumo wrestling from ancient Israel

Not that long ago while watching episode 6 of a TV program called The Bible Series, my wife and I saw something that immediately struck us as sumo wrestling, I posted the clip above. The setting of the clip historically is about 2000 years ago centered on the time that Jesus Christ started his public […] Read More

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